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No fault divorce back on the agenda.

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The recent Queen’s speech, outlining the government’s plans for the parliamentary year, has brought ‘no fault’ divorce back onto the agenda with the reintroduction of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill. This reform would mean divorcing couples will no longer have to put the ‘blame’ upon each other for the breakdown of their marriage.

The legislation to introduce no fault divorce was automatically dropped when parliament was prorogued (suspended) in September but is now to be reintroduced. However this does mean that the progress of the bill will have to start from scratch before it becomes legislation.

Family law campaigners for no fault divorce welcomed the reintroduction after concerns that proposed had not been approved by parliament before the end of the session.

There was widespread support for the original Bill which, if approved would have result in reform: The need for reform of the existing divorce laws has been well made and accepted  before the Bill got held up first by the summer recess and then by the suspension of parliament’ It remains to be seen if it will get derailed again but any further delays at parliament or ‘snap’ general elections.

See our earlier blog “Ending the 'blame game' in divorce”.

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