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Unmarried Couples

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Unmarried couples - How does my position differ from someone who is married?

If you are married or in a civil partnership and your relationship breaks down then you can claim maintenance, lump sums, and other financial provision including  pension share  from each other on divorce. You can ask the court to award you a share in the marital assets.  The law is set down by act of parliament but unmarried couples do not have the same rights. 

On the breakup of a relationship an unmarried person will retain their own income, savings, property and pension unless the other party can prove they agreed to share them. The test to prove this can be tough one. You keep your share in any jointly owned property.

Parties in an unmarried relationship cannot claim from the other maintenance, lump sums or pension rights nor do they inherit automatically from the other.

Unmarried fathers do not have automatic Parental Responsibility for their children unless, since 2003 they have been named on the child’s birth certificate.

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