Shareholder Agreements

Even in a small business, there are many good reasons to draw up a Shareholders’ Agreement. Amongst other things, you might be worried that the voice of a minority is not being heard and want to find a way to equalise the power held.

Whatever your purpose, you need the agreement to be legally binding. With some expert legal advice, you can cover all possible eventualities and feel comfortable about the future.

How we can help with your Shareholders’ Agreement

Want to know what a Shareholders’ Agreement would do for your company? Worried about losing control of your own company?

Take some advice from John Hodge Solicitors’ small business law team to find out how to be sure to:

  • Maintain certain percentages of ownership and power
  • Avoid stock being sold by ex-shareholders outside of the company
  • Keep ownership of shares within the company if one of the shareholders dies or becomes ill and incapable of acting
  • Limit the power of non-executive investors

Or any other wishes you have in relation to the shareholding structure of your company.

Our expert commercial lawyer will draw on their experience and consider aspects you may not have thought of, such as:

  • Whether you can stop an ex-shareholder from setting up in competition with you
  • How to protect your intellectual property rights
  • The advisability of one or more exit strategies.

Why use John Hodge Solicitors?

You can benefit from the experience of a lawyer who has seen many eventualities in different businesses over the years. Your single point of contact will:

  • Take the time needed to understand your business and your vision
  • Discuss how the agreement could affect the financing of the future development of the company
  • Consider whether the agreement should allow for a future public share offering
  • Advise on the merits of different levels of agreement, i.e. what percentage of shareholders must be in agreement with what kind of decisions

With an agreement drafted or confirmed by a lawyer from John Hodge Solicitors, you know that it has been specifically tailored to your business. And you can take comfort in the fact that future possible happenings will not affect the power sharing, no matter who becomes a new shareholder.

Call us TODAY to discuss your Shareholder Agreement needs Whether you already have a draft or are about to start on the process, you will need some expert professional help. Find out just how helpful John Hodge Solicitors can be.