Terms and Conditions

Unless you have clear, relevant and professionally drafted terms and conditions in place, it will be difficult to defend yourself should an issue arise.

Your terms and conditions can be sent out with all invoices, agreements and contracts, and placed on your website. Including the various standards you set for your business also helps to promote it.

Drawing up your own terms and conditions? You are taking a huge risk. There is no substitute for professionally written terms that are bespoke to your business and industry.

How we can help

Are you a cautious new business start up? Or not sure whether your existing terms and conditions are legally sound or cover all eventualities?

The John Hodge Solicitors’ Small Business Advice Team are specialists in drawing up, reviewing and revising the terms and conditions of trading, and has many satisfied clients. They can work with you to:

  • Look at your business and it’s purpose, then any potential issues for other businesses or members of the public
  • Clarify which liabilities you accept or don’t accept
  • Consider aspects to be covered, e.g. payment terms, returns policy, complaints, privacy, copyright, contact information, affiliations, etc.
  • Review your ethical, professional, environmental, and any other relevant standards that could be included
  • Draft in a manner that is legally acceptable while easy to understand
  • Arrive at a legally binding text that both protects and promotes your business.

Why use John Hodge Solicitors?

Our experience and expertise in this area recognises that terms and conditions are not just ‘the small print’. They have a number of important functions, including:

  • Being an important element of the package you offer your customers
  • Setting out exactly what you do and don’t offer
  • Explaining how you work and the standards you have set
  • Detailing what you expect in return

Do not be fooled into buying cheap versions of ‘standard’ terms of business. You will still have to tailor them to suit your activities, and then you cannot be sure they are legally fit for purpose unless you get an expert legal opinion.

You need to have a clear case for any breach of your terms and conditions. So come to us for an affordable service that will take everything into consideration and be focused on serving the interests of your particular business.

Need help with setting up or revising your terms and conditions? Let our Small Business Advice experts work with you to avoid any future costly claims and court cases.
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