Nick Cooper

Australian Solicitor

Tell us about yourself

I was admitted as a Solicitor in Australia in 2005 and, since that time, have practiced exclusively in the area of Family Law. I relocated to the UK with my partner in 2018 and began working with John Hodge Solicitors in 2019.

What do you offer clients of John Hodge Solicitors?

My work has focused on Family Law, throughout the course of my career, and my practice has included co-habitation, divorce, financial settlement, child arrangements, spousal maintenance and child maintenance matters. I have also provided advice on an array of matters ancillary to Family Law such as trusts, taxation minimisation, child protection and occupation/non-molestation order matters.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I recognise that navigating the legal system can be a daunting prospect, particularly for those going through an already difficult time, and I feel a great sense of satisfaction when I can help my clients resolve their problems and move forward positively.

What do you think makes a good lawyer?

I think that quality communication is fundamental to a quality practice recognising that each client has their own unique needs, priorities and values. A good lawyer tailors a resolution to each matter accordingly.

A message for clients

I offer common-sense advice to assist my clients achieve a resolution to their matter in as cost-effective and non-adversarial a manner as possible. Although Court proceedings are always an option, my practice is to resort to them only when all reasonable steps have been attempted to try and resolve the matter by sensible negotiation and mediation.