Andrew Campbell


Tell us about yourself

I am a qualified solicitor and have been since 2020. I have studied or worked in law for much of my life since the age of 16. My studies have meant I not only have an A-Level and a Degree in Law but also a Masters in Legal Practice.

What is your specialist area of law?

I specialise in family law dealing with aspects including divorce, nuptial/cohabitation agreements, domestic violence, children issues and financial disputes from divorce.

What do you offer clients of John Hodge Solicitors?

When dealing with clients in family disputes, I want to support them through the entirety of their case. These disputes can be extremely stressful for clients. I believe it is key they have the support of not just myself but all of the team at John Hodge Solicitors.

What do you think makes a good lawyer?

For me, a good lawyer is one who provides a client with all their options in a clear and understandable manner. I want a client to be able to make informed decisions on how they want to progress their case. I also find that by a client knowing their full range of options, it can make it easier to try and create a more bespoke resolution for them.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

Reaching the resolution for a client, whether it be out of Court or through Court, is extremely rewarding. Most of of the time, this resolution will bring a lot of relief for the client and enable them to focus on their future.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

I am conscious that family disputes can put a lot of strain on people and could give rise to an adverse effect on their mental health. I am equipped with information on various institutions that can help clients with this aspect and am happy to signpost clients if they feel they need help.