Residential Property Conveyancing

Because when you are moving home you have enough to contend with, when it comes to legal support you need nothing but the best advice and strongest backing that will see you through even the most complex of issues.

At John Hodge Solicitors, conveyancing lawyers with in-depth experience and the ability to foresee issues well before they arise will guide you through the property buying and selling process so that you can be assured of the smoothest ride within your desired timescale.

How we can help you

Want to make sure unexpected problems don’t crop up that could affect your home move plans? How do you know if your contract or lease will stand up to scrutiny; and what if it doesn’t and you face problems in the future?

Do you really know everything about the area and property you are moving to? What if there is something that would change your mind about the move? Is your property properly protected where taxes and long term care are concerned?

What if…what if you could avoid all these problems well before they arise? You can. Get in touch with us today.

As part of our residential conveyancing service we offer the following expert advice:

  • Property sales and purchases
  • Re-mortgages
  • Equity release
  • Equity transfer between partners and families
  • Buy to let
  • Property and asset protection
  • Inheritance and Capital Gains Tax advice
  • Planning Permissions and Restrictions
  • All Property Dispute issues including Rights of Way and Boundary Disputes

Why use John Hodge Solicitors for your Residential Property Conveyancing?

If you want a pro-active service that pushes your property sale or purchase along so that there are no delays; come to John Hodge Solicitors. Our residential property specialists have exceptional experience that allows them proper insight that will tackle issues head on well before they become problems.

Efficiency; a personal service and a true commitment to working hard to get your home move or any other property transaction moving swiftly so that you can move on with your life is what our service is made of.

The firm has been awarded membership to the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme which enables us to continue dealing with mortgages from the widest range of lenders.  For further information please see The Conveyancing Quality Scheme Client Charter.

When you are referred to John Hodge Solicitors you can be confident it is an honest referral on the basis of our quality of service because we do not pay referral fees to Estate Agents or Mortgage Brokers. When referred to a solicitor to provide a quote for fees you should always ask if a referral fee is being paid and check the small print of the quote for additional charges. All our charges are clear on the first page of our quote and the fees you pay go towards providing the service to you.

Need more reasons to use John Hodge Solicitors? Here are just a few:

  • Direct contact with a qualified lawyer
  • Specialist conveyancers with several years experience and expertise
  • Insightful expertise that will tackle issues before they become a problem
  • Local offices with local knowledge of property in the region 
  • State of the art computerised systems to monitor and progress your transaction
  • No referral fees paid

Contact us TODAY for your FREE no obligation quotation!

Looking for a residential conveyancing service that will get you moving without delay; one that will eliminate potential future problems? Each and every one of our conveyancing estimate is tailored to your specific requirements, so contact us today for a personalised quotation.

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