Jon Topham


Tell us about yourself

I am a solicitor. I joined John Hodge Solicitors in 1994 as a trainee solicitor and qualified in 1996. I initially worked in many areas of law but predominantly Personal Injury Litigation and Property. In 2003 I became a Partner.

What is your specialist area of law?

I specialised in Dispute Resolution/Civil Litigation and Accident/Personal Injury work for sixteen years whilst retaining a particular interest in Property and Conveyancing. Since 2007 I have split my time more equally between these areas and since 2012 I have taken a role as a Managing Partner retaining supervisory roles in the Dispute Resolution, Personal Injury and Property and Conveyancing Departments as well as being the firm's Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration.

What do you offer clients of John Hodge Solicitors?

My time and experience; I will spend time with our clients speaking to them to ensure they understand all the legal processes involved in their matter and making sure we understand what their needs and wishes are.

Once this is established I can ensure the end result is the best one to suit the client. I am relentless in my determination to secure the best possible results for our clients. 

What do you think makes a good lawyer?

A desire to ensure clients’ needs and wishes are put before anything or anyone else.

A Message for clients:

“We design our services around the needs and wishes of our clients; looking at what services clients want and how we can provide those services at the right price and offer the very best value for money.”

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

It is important to us all at John Hodge Solicitors to demonstrate that we can provide a quality service at a competitive price. I am especially proud that our Accident Claims service has kept pace with the very competitive market and continued to provide a quality client focused service with the best deal available. We can do this because we have always refused to pay referral fees to the TV marketing companies and rely on referrals from our own satisfied clients.

Equally we have continued to provide conveyancing services to the local community since 1777 and still we can boast the most up to date systems to provide a quality local service at a competitive price. I am very pleased to be able to honestly say to anyone moving house that they can get the best value for money service from a local solicitor who is not paying referral fees to estate agents or mortgage brokers.