Property Disputes

In dispute over the ownership of property or land? Do you have boundary disputes with your neighbours? Trespassers or issues over rights of way? Need to enforce a possession order?

Whatever your property related dispute, John Hodge Solicitors can help by offering truly specialist advice from experienced lawyers that have seen and dealt with a vast range of issues and are therefore in the best position to provide you with the advice you need.

How we can help you

Whatever your property dispute, we’ll give you clear, honest advice on where you stand and on your legal rights. At John Hodge Solicitors, we can give you peace of mind that you won’t fall foul of the law while we pursue a solution and compensation for you if it is due.

Your interests are paramount to us, and we will always work towards the best solution to suit your individual circumstances.

Why Use John Hodge Solicitors

If you want your property dispute solved swiftly and in your favour, instruct the specialists at John Hodge Solicitors. Our experienced team will consider all the possible options and the best way to proceed.

We’ll give you a single point of contact, a specialist solicitor who will direct the team according to your instructions and with a view to reaching the best outcome for your pocket, your reputation and your future.

Don’t let your property dispute wear you down. Don’t feel stuck in a stalemate situation. And don’t continue to lose money because you can’t come to an agreement.

Let the experts at John Hodge Solicitors take the burden from your shoulders. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your property dispute.