Contract Disputes

Has someone breached a contract you’ve entered into? Do you have a problem with the terms of an agreement that you think may be unfair? Do you have unfinished or unsatisfactory work or goods not received but charged?

Contracts are signed every day: credit agreements, supplier terms and conditions; these are just a few examples. If you have experienced a contract issue, our specialist dispute lawyers can help.

How we can help you

Often it is clear when the terms of a contract has been breached. In such cases, a letter from us might solve the problem.

We can see at a glance if a matter will be simple to resolve, or if it could be helped by using a service such as adjudication, arbitration or mediation; so talk to us first. Our most experienced lawyers will advise on any highly complicated issues where knowledge and expertise in implied terms is vital.

Why Use John Hodge Solicitors?

If you need to resolve a dispute without delay, look no further. At John Hodge Solicitors, we will always put your interests first and look for the least expensive way of solving your problem. If there is a win-win solution, we’ll find it.

We will give you access to Contractual Dispute lawyers who:

  • Are experienced in dealing with all kinds of contract disputes, from defective goods to poor workmanship
  • Will instantly know the most appropriate course of action
  • Can take contracts apart and look at the implied terms as well as those written in specifically
  • Have access to the court records of hundreds of complex cases involving contract disputes

As a team, the dispute lawyers at John Hodge Solicitors cannot be beaten on depth of experience and expertise.

Contact us today to discuss your contract dispute, whatever it is, and we’ll help you fight for the justice you deserve.