Purchased and paid for a product that isn’t fit for purpose? Paid for a service that hasn’t been performed properly? Then you need to take action.

You can get the help you need from the sympathetic and experienced dispute lawyers at John Hodge Solicitors who are specialists in pursuing consumer related claims.

How we can help you

Sometimes all that is needed is a legal letter. The threat of legal action will often spur people to offer to make good, or give you a replacement or appropriate compensation. If necessary, we will follow this up with negotiations to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

If we get no response after an agreed time, we will advise you on your options, making sure you understand the level and likelihood of all the risks involved in each. We will give you all the information you need, so that together we can make an informed decision on whether and how to proceed.

If the next step is through the courts, we will guide you through the proceedings, and take as much as possible of the work and worry off your shoulders.

Why use John Hodge Solicitors?

You can rely on John Hodge Solicitors to look after your interests. We will never pursue a lost cause for your fee, and will advise you at the earliest possible moment when we perceive any risks.

Whether your problem is to do with:

  • High value goods which are not satisfactory
  • A hire purchase or credit agreement where the goods are not fit for purchase
  • A faulty vehicle
  • A warranty that is not being honoured
  • A holiday that did not match its promotional material
  • An unfair service contract
  • Unfinished or sub standard building work

Or anything else, our extensive, specialist experience means we have been there before, and we know when and how to get you the replacement or compensation you deserve. But on the rare occasion when we think your interest is best served by walking away, we’ll let you know that too.