Accident Claims

We all have our routines, but what if your routine is suddenly disrupted because of an accident? You can no longer do the things you used to take for granted, you are unable to work or enjoy your leisure time properly and your bills are piling up?

If you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation and John Hodge Solicitors will take you step by step through the entire no win-no fee claims process, with a personal, face to face service that will ensure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

We provide a FREE No- Obligation Injury Claim Consultation where you can discuss with us your injury claim, the claim process and funding of your claim without cost to you.

How we can Help You

Offering extensive experience and the best specialist personal injury expertise, our experts are on hand to provide you with the personal service you need at this time. We are not ‘claims managers’ and our service is not telephone based: we’ll visit you at home or in hospital and will be with you every step of the way offering face to face advice in plain English.

If you have suffered any of the following, we can help:

  • Accident in a public place
  • Accident at work
  • Workplace illness
  • Road traffic accident
  • Car accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Injury from a faulty product

Why Use John Hodge Solicitors for your Personal Injury Claim?

To give you the very best chance of obtaining the compensation you deserve and to ensure you are taken care of beyond the call of duty, John Hodge Solicitors ensures that your claim is dealt with by experienced accident claims specialists who are dedicated to going the extra mile to ensure the best service at all times and the best possible result.

John Hodge Solicitors specialist lawyers are independent and dedicated to putting the interests of our clients first. We have no hidden relationships with insurance companies, TV marketing companies, claims management companies, unions or any other organisation. We do not pay referral fees. Our clients are individuals who need our specialist services not fee generating commodities purchased from large powerful organisations on which we rely.

Our personal injury lawyers are members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers – APIL – an organisation dedicated to improving the service provided to accident victims.

Not only will you have complete confidence in our highly experienced personal injury lawyers who will strive to secure maximum compensation, but we will NOT take 25% of your damages. Please see details below of how we ensure that you are no worse off following the funding rules changes to personal injury claims.

Why not use the panel solicitors recommended by the Claims Management Companies and Insurance companies?

We rely on referrals from our satisfied clients for the majority of our new clients. This allows us to remain independent and always work in your best interests. Because we do not rely on a single source of volume work our solicitors are not under pressure to settle a certain volume of cases each month and can treat our clients and their claims individually. We do not pay for referrals from claims management companies or insurance companies and we do not have to fund expensive advertising campaigns. We can rely on our excellent reputation and pass on the savings in the form of a more personal and professional service and we can ensure that our clients are no worse off following the 2013 funding rules changes (see below).

With our specialist Personal Injury Department you know you will:

  • receive a quality service from an experienced specialist lawyer
  • obtain the maximum compensation and damages
  • see us at your convenience at a local office or at your home
  • not be funding unnecessary referral fees
  • not have hidden fees deducted from your compensation
  • know we are acting in your best interests and under no pressure or influence from any third party

If you need the very best support following an accident then choose a name you can trust.

Find out if you have a claim:
Request your FREE No-Obligation Initial Consultation
Call 0800 097 8611 or  01934 410910

Your call is free, there is no obligation and you’ll get to discuss your claim with one of our specialist personal injury solicitors. Don’t delay; if you’ve had an accident you need to file your claim within three years, so call us today.

SATURDAY DROP-IN CLINIC - One of our team of specialist Personal Injury solicitors will be available one Saturday of each month between 9am and 1pm at our office at 10/1 Morston Court, Aisecome Way,, Weston-super-Mare.


2013 Funding Rules Change

The rules on legal fees in accident claims changed in 2013. Under the old system you would recover all of your reasonable legal costs from the person responsible for the accident, or their insurance company. Since April 2013, this has changed. Now, the injured person will be expected to pay up to a quarter of their losses to the lawyer to go towards the cost of pursuing the claim on a “no-win, no-fee” basis.The lawyer can take an uplift on their costs, “the success fee”, of up to a cap of 25%. To partially offset this, the value of injuries was  raised by 10%. To our mind, this still leaves you with a shortfall.

Say, for example, that you suffer an injury and have some time off work. To make the figures easy to follow, imagine you had an injury valued at £2,000 and suffered £8,000 loss of earnings as a result of time off. The rules now say that the lawyer can take an uplift on their costs up to a cap of £2,500 from your compensation, leaving you with £7,500.

This does not sit well with us here at John Hodge Solicitors. Our promise is that wherever possible we will only take up to 15% of the amount awarded or agreed for your injury and your out of pocket expenses. This is to ensure that you will be in a better position than had you sought representation from most other solicitors, who take 25%. 

To use the same example as above, if you received £2,000 for your injury and £8,000 for your loss of earnings, we would take only a maximum of £1,500 (being our cap on the success fee of 15% of your damages for injury and past losses). This would leave you with £8,500 rather than £7,500 if you were represented by a firm taking 25%.

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