James Young


Tell us about yourself

I have been a qualified solicitor since January 2023 and have worked in the legal sector continually since 2019. I obtained my undergraduate degree in law prior to this from the University of West England.

What is your specialist area of law?

I specialise in family law and can assist with matters including divorce/dissolution, financial provision, children disputes, nuptial/cohabitation agreements and matters involving domestic violence.

What do you offer clients of John Hodge Solicitors?

I am able to guide clients from start to finish through proceedings and remain a consistent point of contact for them throughout. I also understand that clients have different needs when speaking to a solicitor and am happy to facilitate these, whether they prefer meeting face to face or communicating via email or a phone/video call.

What do you think makes a good lawyer?

I believe a good lawyer is someone who is able to guide clients through proceedings in a clear and concise manner, who can explain legal jargon to those unfamiliar with the law and offer clear options as to how a client can proceed so they can make an informed decision based on their circumstances as to how they wish to proceed.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

Whenever after speaking with a client, they inform me that they feel they now understand their position and options much more clearly than before and that as a result, they are more at ease then they were previously. 

A Message for clients:

“I completely understand that speaking with a family solicitor is something which people can feel initially hesitant about doing. I strive however to create an atmosphere where you can feel comfortable discussing you circumstances and taking matters step by step with you so that the process never feels too overwhelming.”

Is there anything else you would like to say?

I treat all my clients as individuals and will always advise as to what is best for them based on their own personal circumstances.