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JOIN US at the largest Landlord Expo in the Southwest on the 3 April 2014. Entry is free. Parking is free and there are over 80 exhibitors all offering services to landlords of residential property. Refreshments are also free. 700 landlords attended last year’s event.  It is being held at the Exhibition and Conference Centre adjacent to main University of the West of England campus in North Bristol. It starts at 12 noon and finishes at 7 in the evening. For those with satnav or who want to googlemap the location, the postcode is BS34 8QZ.

You can ask us about our fixed charges for residential property Possession Order applications to the Court. In short they are:

Possession claim based on a Section 21 notice £450 + VAT.

Possession claim based on a Section  8 notice £600 + VAT.

The Court will charge a fee of £175.

These charges assume no hearing is required for a Section 21 notice and one hearing is required for a Section 8 notice claim.  Any hearings not covered by the fixed charges will be charged at £150 + VAT each.

Remember that you cannot use the Section 21 procedure :

  1. If you want a Money Judgment for arrears of rent as well as the Possession Order. If you do want the money Judgment as well,  you can use the Section 8 procedure (though the Section 21 notice should still suffice); or
  2. If you have taken a deposit after April 2007 and not complied with the rules; or
  3. If you have a dwelling in multiple occupation (more than 3 tenants making up more than one household sharing toilet, bathroom and/or kitchen facilities); or
  4. If you have not kept the tenancy agreement or it was never put in writing; or
  5. If your Section 21 notice is invalid (for instance if the wrong format is used or the method /date of service is wrong) or you have not kept a copy.

The Section 21 procedure  in Court is however quicker as well as normally cheaper than Section 8 though a Section 21 notice takes at least 2 months to expire whereas a Section 8 notice can expire after only 2 weeks in the case of 2 month’s rent arrears. You cannot start a Court Claim for possession until the notice has expired.