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It may not be too late

Naomi Drew
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IT MAY NOT BE TOO LATE TO MAKE A CLAIM FOR YOUR ACCIDENT Have you or a family member had an accident, or been injured, and not had time to start a claim? Sometimes when just trying to recover from an accident or an injury, and  dealing with the...


Amber Vincent
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E-SCOOTERS – CONVENIENT BUT INCREASING RISK OF INJURY TO RIDERS AND OTHERS?   Backed by the government, on-road e-scooter trials are currently taking place in the UK. Only e-scooters being used as part of the trial are legally allowed on the...

15% Success Fee (or less)

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When dealing with personal injury claims, most solicitors will offer to work for you on what is known as a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. This means that, should your claim not succeed, you would not normally be charged for the work. However, when you...

Your Local Motorcycle Accident Specialists

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Let’s be clear from the outset. We will not pretend that we are specialists in motorcycle accidents and then send you a standard questionnaire asking you to confirm whether you were driving a car, riding a bike or ‘other’. We will know what...

Chronic pain

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Those who are in pain need solicitors who listen, understand and know how to act. Pain is an issue that is poorly understood by many medical practitioners let alone lawyers. Modern pain 'syndrome' evidence started to be documented as long ago as the...

The Most Serious of Injuries

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The most serious of injuries All injuries are serious, however, sometimes the worst can happen and you or a loved one might be unlucky enough to suffer multiple broken bones, serious spinal or head injury or even suffer injury resulting in death. When the...


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Have you settled a claim for injury compensation in the last 6 years, but not then recovered from your injuries as expected? Or, have you settled a claim and been disappointed with the amount you received? There are many ways in which you might not have...

The Only Constant Is Change

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The only constant is change... Under pressure from insurance companies who fund the majority of personal injury claims, the government has recently made changes to the law which significantly affects the injured person’s ability to seek proper...