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It may not be too late

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Have you or a family member had an accident, or been injured, and not had time to start a claim?

Sometimes when just trying to recover from an accident or an injury, and  dealing with the aftermath  of an accident, those injured do not have the time or the energy to seek legal advice or get access to legal advice.  It may be difficult to seek support after an accident. Injured people often believe that they are too late to start a claim or that their accident may not be anyone else’s fault. The worry of hidden costs and expenses might have put you off starting a personal injury claim.

At John Hodge Solicitors our expert local accident solicitor s can help you.  There can be different time limits for starting an accident claim, depending on the type of accident you had, when or where  it was. It may not be too late for you to start a claim. Our experts can advise you if you still have time to start a claim and with our streamlined procedures and easily accessible personal advice we may be able to help you, even if you think that you may have left it too late.

Our experts provide clear advice on the “no win, no fee” service that we offer, so you do not need to worry about hidden costs.

It may be that you felt that you did not want to start a personal injury claim before because you felt that it was not right to do so. You may have had an accident when you were a child and think that a claim should have been made on your behalf. You may have been assaulted, or injured as a victim of a crime. You may have had an accident on holiday and until now wanted to just put it all behind you.

If in doubt  about whether you have a claim, or have run out of time,  speak to our experts and you could  be assured that there is still help that could  be provided to you, whether it is for  ongoing support and treatment costs, or the compensation that you are entitled to.

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