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15% Success Fee (or less)

When dealing with personal injury claims, most solicitors will offer to work for you on what is known as a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. This means that, should your claim not succeed, you would not normally be charged for the work. However, when you read the paperwork, you will often find out that there will be a charge if you win your claim, which is called a Success Fee, plus an additional deduction for an insurance premium.

Both a Success Fee and insurance premiums are legitimate deductions from successful compensation claims, however, most firms will seek to charge 25% of your damages, plus the insurance premium, plus possibly interest for loans to cover the expenses incurred for running your claim.


At John Hodge Solicitors our Success Fee will never exceed 15% of your compensation and will frequently be less than this, or even nothing at all.


Our policy is that:

  • We speak to you face-to-face to explain all the terms and conditions
  • We never charge more than 15% by way of Success Fee
  • We do not charge any Success at all if the accident was to a child or resulted in death
  • The insurance policy we use has premiums starting from just £125 plus IPT

For example, if your compensation claim is settled for £20,000 our Success Fee would be no more than £3,000 (and maybe less), rather than potentially being charged up to £5,000 at other firms.

Please contact our Personal Injury Team who will be happy to discuss your options and arrange a free initial meeting.


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