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Chronic pain

Those who are in pain need solicitors who listen, understand and know how to act.

Pain is an issue that is poorly understood by many medical practitioners let alone lawyers. Modern pain 'syndrome' evidence started to be documented as long ago as the American Civil War, however, many in the medical and legal industry simply do not understand the very real problems that sufferers face or how to respond to them.

Too often pain sufferers find that they are dealt with as a number, or even a problem, by under-qualified representatives and medical experts who do not understand the serious physical and mental problems they have to try and cope with.

We at John Hodge Solicitors promise you that:

  • We will meet you in person to discuss your claim
  • Your claim will be handled by a qualified Solicitor who is experienced in conducting such claims
  • We have undergone specific pain syndrome training
  • We have a network of local experts and treatment providers who can help
  • We will listen to you and understand your concerns

Please contact us to arrange a free meeting to discuss how we can start to help you.

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    • Complex Regional Pain SyndromeJon Topham
    • Posted

    Thank you for your comment, Cinzia. I am sorry to hear that you are suffering with chronic pain. You are correct that it is indeed generally referred to as Complex Regional Pain Syndome these days. I do apologise that that the blog wasn't clear, we were not intending to refer to the condition as "modern pain syndrome" but intending to refer to the modern evidence of pain "syndrome".  

    • chronic pain cinzia powell
    • Posted

    I just read your article about chronic pain and where you have called it modern pain syndrome. I don't know if you are talking about Complex regional Pain Syndrome?   Which is a chronic pain conditions that has been around since the American civil war.   If this is the condition that you are trying to explain then I just thought I would let you that its not called modern pain syndrome.

    I have the condition and know how debilitating it can and my was causing from a trauma caused by a motorcycle accident and I was miss diagnosed.