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The Most Serious of Injuries

The most serious of injuries

All injuries are serious, however, sometimes the worst can happen and you or a loved one might be unlucky enough to suffer multiple broken bones, serious spinal or head injury or even suffer injury resulting in death. When the worst happens, you must be confident that you obtain the best representation.

At John Hodge Solicitors, if you are unfortunate enough to suffer such a serious injury, we can assure that:

  • Your claim will be handled by a Solicitor
  • That Solicitor will be a specialist injury or medical negligence lawyer
  • Your Solicitor will meet with you face-to-face at the outset and at other important times
  • Our Solicitors are continually attending training courses on spinal injuries, brain injuries and fatal accidents to ensure that our knowledge and experience is at the cutting edge of new developments in both law and medical treatments
  • All of our Solicitors are members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, which means we are dedicated to acting on the behalf of injured persons

Too often we hear from injured people who have felt forced into using solicitors by their insurance companies who might be based hundreds of miles away. Often contact will be by email or online forms only and you rarely get to meet the person who will be handling your claim.

You do not have to use the firm that your insurers might tell you to use.

Please contact our Personal Injury Team who will be happy to discuss your options and arrange a free initial meeting where we can help you.

15% Success Fee

When dealing with personal injury claims, most solicitors will offer to work for you on what is known as a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. This means that, if your claim fails, you will not normally be charged for the work. However, when you read the paperwork, you will often find out that there will be a charge if you win your claim, which is called a Success Fee.

A Success Fee is a charge a payment which is normally deducted from your compensation when your claim succeeds. The Success Fee can be anything up to 100% of your solicitors’ costs or 25% of your total injury award (whichever is the lower).

At John Hodge Solicitors our Success Fee will be capped at just 15% of your compensation only. For example, if your compensation claim is settled for £20,000 with £10,000 for your injuries and £10,000 for your losses and expenses, our Success Fee would be no more than £3,000, rather than potentially being charged up to £5,000 at other firms.

In addition to the above we will never charge a Success Fee on claims where we represent children or where we act on the behalf of someone who died as a result of their injuries.

Please contact our Personal Injury Team who will be happy to discuss your options and arrange a free initial meeting where we can help you.


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