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The Only Constant Is Change

The only constant is change...

Under pressure from insurance companies who fund the majority of personal injury claims, the government has recently made changes to the law which significantly affects the injured person’s ability to seek proper redress and compensation. Many firms stopped practising injury work altogether, but John Hodge Solicitors firmly believes that those with injuries and losses arising from someone else’s negligence or breach of statutory duty should continue to be adequately compensated, whether it is an accident at work, in a public place, on the road or on private property.

These changes, which came into force in April, mean that lawyers are to recover part of their fees from the injured victim’s compensation. This means that if you bring a claim now, you are likely to be worse off than you were before April because a lawyer is able to take a maximum of 25% of your compensation towards their fees. To balance this, the Government has increased the amount of injury compensation by 10%.

This does not sit well with John Hodge Solicitors’ strong moral compass, as the innocent and injured victim could still be down 15% or more by our reckoning.

To this end, John Hodge Solicitors has set its own, lower, limit to what can be recovered from our client. Our basic rule is that we will not take more than 15% of your compensation for injuries and past losses.

In doing this we have done all we can to make sure that our clients are in no worse position than they were before these government changes.

This may not be possible in some matters, but this is likely to be very rare and we will confirm at the outset if this is the case.

Our Pledge

It is of utmost importance to everyone at John Hodge Solicitors to demonstrate a commitment to providing a quality service at a competitive price. We are especially proud that our Accident Claims service has kept pace with the very competitive market and continues to provide a quality client focused service with the best deal available. We can do this because we have never paid referral fees to the TV marketing companies and rely on referrals from our own satisfied clients.

If you have been injured, the team at John Hodge Solicitors would be happy to offer a free consultation to discuss the way forward for you. We are able to give advice, representation and arrange free medical treatment where necessary and appropriate. To contact the team, please call 0800 097 8611.


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