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Divorce and Money separated

A recent pilot divorce administration system run in the South West Regional Divorce Centre in Southampton, under which contested financial remedy proceedings are ‘de-linked’ from the main divorce proceedings has proved a success.

Under the pilot, which began in May, the main divorce proceedings remained in the specialist centre, whilst staff and judiciary at the local hearing centres, of which there are ones at Weston-super-Mare and Bristol work independently on the contested financial proceedings.

The pilot has managed to reduce delays by up to two weeks and provided a more effective and speedy approach to resolving financial proceedings and will now be rolled out nationally from 19 June.

Any applications for a consent order in agreed terms settling financial matters will remain at the divorce centres.

Whilst only a minority of divorce cases give rise to financial claims it is important for the parties to be aware of the implications of leaving financial aspects unresolved without a consent order dismissing any potential claims. A case in 2015  demonstrated this risk  when a former wife successfully brought a claim for financial remedies some 20 years or more after decree absolute.

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