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Christmas is traditionally a time for families to come together and spend time together, however, it can be a difficult time for those parents who are separated or in the middle of a divorce and especially difficult for their children.


In order to try and make Christmas as enjoyable and harmonious as possible, I would suggest the following tips when it comes to Christmas contact between separating couples and their children.


  1. Plan arrangements as early as possible when it comes to Christmas contact. Do not leave everything to the last minute as this will make negotiations much more difficult and pressured.
  2. Do not ask your children where they want to spend Christmas Day, this places far too much pressure upon them and is unfair.
  3. Ensure that times and dates are agreed between the parents and stick to them. Agree between the two of you who will be dropping off the children, collecting them, when and where from.
  4. Do not enter into competition with your ex partner when buying gifts for the children. If possible, discuss matters with your ex partner as to who is buying what present to ensure that there is no duplication when the children open their presents.
  5. Try to enjoy the time you spend with your children. It is understandable that you may be missing your ex partner, especially at this time of year, try to embrace the change and enjoy celebrating Christmas with the children.


Most importantly of all, be prepared to compromise with your ex partner. The children will have a much better Christmas if they are aware that their parents are able to speak to one another without constantly arguing and, if Christmas contact has been agreed early enough, it will make for a far more relaxing festive period for both yourself and the children.


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