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Is Divorce or Separation on the Horizon in the New Year?

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If a relationship is already under pressure then Christmas and the New Year season can serve to bring matters to a crisis.  It is true to say that Family Solicitors find the New Year and January to be a busy time.  This may be for a couple of reasons.  Couples who feel that their relationship is coming to an end can find themselves putting matters off until the New Year for the benefit of the children and the New Year can often be a time for people to reflect upon their past, present and future.

If you are contemplating divorce or separation at any time there are some preparations which will help.

Firstly, and most importantly, it is always best if an amicable approach can be taken. Keeping the lines of communication open with your partner is key to this.  Getting early legal advice on what to expect from the separation process is also proven to help.  Having a good understanding of your legal rights and responsibilities helps everyone to be objective and realistic.  Considering options such as family mediation is also a really helpful starting point.

Secondly being organised and prepared will help to reduce stress later on and will help keep fees and costs manageable.  In order for your Family Solicitor to provide you with that early legal advice  it is important to be able to give them as much information about your circumstances as possible.  For instance taking with you to the first meeting details of your income, an idea of the value of your family home, details of any other assets, debts and pensions will help your Family Solicitor to give you targeted rather than generic advice.

 John Hodge Solicitors has a Family Law team with experience in all aspects of family law, including disputes over financial matters (whether you are married or in a cohabiting relationship), children issues and divorce. Our solicitors are members of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel and Resolution and you can therefore be confident in the advice that you receive. The Family team offer a free consultation within which they provide expert advice with no obligation.