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Why do I need to instruct a Family Solicitor?

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It is normal that where a marriage has broken down, there is usually at least one party feeling angry, sad, disappointed, or a mixture of all of those things.  It is therefore very easy for a divorce, and any associated financial or children related matters, to become a forum for airing those feelings and for parties to lose sight of what matters: moving on in a way which is most conducive to a positive future.

Although you might feel that by not using a solicitor you will save money, often clients will report to us that they wish they had used us right from the start as with the correct advice and approach we can help to greatly reduce the time and the emotional burden faced by a client during a separation or divorce.

At John Hodge Solicitors our Family Law team is very experienced in all matter of family law, including disputes over financial matters, children issues and divorce.  Our solicitors are members of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel and Resolution and you can therefore be confident in the advice that you receive.

Our Family law team will provide you with expert legal advice, draft all of your legal documents, offer you advice on the next steps to be taken during proceedings and, should your proceedings require attendance at court, represent you during those hearings.  We understand that this is an extremely stressful time and, by providing expert advice and being approachable, we hope to remove as much stress from our client’s as possible.

We, at John Hodge Solicitors, understand the pit falls to look out for during Family disputes, our solicitors are friendly, approachable and easy to talk to. The Family team offer a free consultation within which they provide expert advice with no obligation.

In a nutshell, our Family law team are here to provide you with the best advice possible and take the stress of having to draft legal documents and make legal arguments away from you during this difficult period.