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What to do if your Solicitor Goes Bust

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There have been significant changes in legal services over the past decade. Governments of all main parties have tried to extend the type of commercial provider that can offer  them. Foreign law firms have been buying up traditional firms to create behemoths, and British companies with no background in law have been doing the same.

There is however a growing number of the new entrants who are failing. It appears this is due in large part to the current government’s attempts to restrict those who have been injured through no fault of their own, from using lawyers to claim compensation (or in the case of some injuries, from claiming any compensation at all).

If you use a firm of Solicitors who stop work because they have become insolvent  then another firm of solicitors will be appointed to intervene,  but if your matter is urgent you may want to transfer the matter to new solicitors as soon as possible before the replacement firm is appointed. This is especially so if you face a claim you want to bring being thrown out because the formal Court/ Tribunal case was started too late, or where a formal Court/Tribunal case has started and there are deadlines to meet.

John Hodge Solicitors is a traditional solicitors firm which has seen its injury, employment and other Court and Tribunal work buck the trend and actually increase following the government’s changes . Only specialist solicitors conduct the cases we handle, and a wide range of funding options are available including no win no fee in suitable situations. We are acutely aware that you will be worried about costs and we will guide you through the issues involved and advise you as to which funding option we consider best for you. In some situations such as employment settlement agreements or tenancy repossessions we can offer fixed fees. We can normally arrange that you can meet one of our solicitors within a couple of days or so of you first making contact with us.