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When Professionals are Negligent

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All professionals try to avoid mistakes. It is only human that on occasions they do make mistakes. Here in England and Wales most professionals are well insured so that their clients are not left out of pocket if a mistake has been made. Increasingly, professionals are under a duty to report when they make mistakes or are under a duty to advise that their client take independent advice if there is any doubt.  

John Hodge Solicitors is a traditional firm of solicitors, but one which has a range of different specialists who are able to provide that independent advice.  Most of the time, any compensation is paid without the need for Court action, but our solicitors have a wealth of experience when Court action is needed.

You do not need to wait until you are asked to take independent advice. If you feel a professional acting for you has made a mistake you can ask us to have a look at the problem. We are acutely aware that you will be worried about costs and we will guide you through the issues involved. We offer a wide range of funding options including no win no fee in suitable situations, should you want  to take the matter further.

Our solicitors can help if you have incurred a loss caused by a mistake  by your accountants, other solicitors, financial advisers, doctors, vets, architects,  project managers, IT consultants, Engineers or  any other professional.