Commercial Contract Disputes

If a dispute arises about the terms of a contract or whether it has been breached, you need to appoint a specialist commercial litigation solicitor without delay so that you can ensure the right results are achieved in a minimum time frame so as to cause the least disruption to your business.

After exploring all avenues for resolving the issue, if no alternative methods of reaching an agreement are possible, our commercial litigation specialists will discuss with you whether it is in your interests to take your case to court, and will fully explain the risks attached.

How we can help you with your contract issues

If you decide to go take a contract matter to court, or have to defend yourself from another’s accusations, John Hodge Solicitors will leave no stone unturned in the attempt to win your case. Our Commercial Litigation team has wide experience of dealing with areas such as:

  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Directors' remuneration contracts
  • Partnership agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Joint venture contracts
  • Computer systems implementation agreements
  • Management consultancy agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Data protection and privacy policies
  • Distribution agreements
  • Reseller agreements
  • Service provider agreements
  • Outsourcing contracts
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements

You will work with a specialist who will draw on their experience to make the best possible case for you and you will have all the procedures explained to you in advance, with a chance to review and influence how things are done.

Why use John Hodge Solicitors?

Types of contract and agreement are endless, but thanks to the extensive experience of our commercial contract specialists, we will always have the relevant expertise. Your lawyer will analyse the contract involved and then select the best possible team for the job which might include:

  • Solicitors with experience in the relevant field
  • Experts in implied terms of contract
  • Researchers who can find what is needed
  • Recognised industry experts
  • A barrister with a good track record in the appropriate area.

Whatever your particular circumstances, your commercial contract solicitors will be at pains to understand your problem and what the best outcome for you will be. Before proceeding, they will discuss the risks with you as well as the likely costs and what damages might be recovered when successful.

You can trust John Hodge Solicitors to provide exactly the level of contract litigation service you need at an affordable price.

Taking action immediately alleviates worry. Don’t let a dispute bring irrevocable damage to your business.
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