Because when a family breaks up, children can be the most vulnerable and have no power over the way their lives are to change, it is up to you as their parents to do your best to minimise the effects on them. When you separate from each other you will both continue to be parents.

This means that cooperation and non-confrontational negotiation with both parents working together to secure arrangements which meet your children’s needs is the best way forward. You know your children and as parents are best able to mitigate the effects of the break-uo on them, together you can devise the most suitable living arrangements for the them. Agreements reached by the parents together are more likely to work in the longer term and be respected by the wider family.

How we can help you

The law will always put the best interests and well-being of children first.

If you are unable to resolve matters with your partner we will be able to advise you on the alternative options open to you. Including if necessary pursuing matters through the Court and supporting you through the process.

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We can help you if you need to apply to the court for a Residence or Contact Order and will be at your side to guide you through the entire process.

The specialist children lawyers at John Hodge Solicitors can advise parents who may be involved in Care Proceedings concerning their children.

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