Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse includes many types of behaviour not only physical violence, such as hitting and pushing around, but also non physical violence in the form of bullying, intimidating and threatening a partner, sending excessive text messages or forcing a partner to have sex against their wishes

Domestic violence is usually experienced by women but men too can be the victims of violence at home. All domestic violence is against the law.

How we can help you

The John Hodge Solicitors family law team has specialist experience of dealing with domestic abuse issues.

They can advise in relation to

  • Alternatives to Court proceedings
  • Bringing Court proceedings
  • Putting you in touch with organisations or other groups how can offer help and support

Why use John Hodge Solicitors?

The John Hodge Solicitors family team will listen sympathetically to your concerns and advise you on the options open to you they will offer effective and practical advce on how to protect yourself at times of crises and threat.