Thinking of living with someone or breaking up from a relationship with a live-in partner? Because things are different legally when you are not married, you need specialist advice from family lawyers who are experienced in dealing with these issues.

Where there are issues about children, finances or assets, it is vital to take specialist legal advice.

How we can help you

The family law team at John Hodge Solicitors has wide experience of dealing with disputes between unmarried couples.

At John Hodge Solicitors, our family law team can help protect your relationship andyour best interests by:

  • Drawing up a Cohabitation Agreement, in which each person’s intended contribution is set out, plus the intentions about shared ownership of a home and the family’s assets.
  • Advising on a Will that gives effect to your wishes
  • Achieving a financial settlement through negotiation
  • If this is not possible we will advise you in relation to pursuing matters through the Courts

Why use John Hodge Solicitors?

Our family law team will use the benefit of their experience to:

  • Look carefully at all the circumstances of your situation
  • Consider what action would be in the best interests of your children and yourself
  • Introduce you to any mediating agencies that could help
  • Support your decisions through informal negotiations, formal court procedures, or both
  • Work for the right settlement for you

Cohabitee Issues?
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