Probate and Estate Administration

If you are looking for advice or assistance on administering an estate or applying for a Grant of Probate, we have specialist solicitors who can help by offering the right amount of help; whether you need us to completely handle matters for you, or work alongside you to help with the more complex side of things.

How we can help you

When you are grieving for a lost loved one, many aspects of administering an estate can seem confusing and difficult.  You could need advice on intestacy rules, a disputed will or other inheritance issues, the tax implications or the responsibilities of executors.

The specialist Probate team at John Hodge Solicitors offer a free initial consultation, where you can discuss whatever matters are relevant for you with no obligation on you to use further services.

But if you are worried about:

  • Inheritance Tax; they know just how to keep it to a minimum
  • Working out the value of an estate; their practical experience could be invaluable
  • What your responsibilities are as an executor; they will guide and assist
  • Setting up trusts as required by the Will; they can help you make appropriate arrangements
  • The fact that no Will can be found; they can advise about the implications of intestacy and whether a Deed of Variation would be helpful

If there is a disputed Will, they will advise on whether you have a strong enough case to contest it, or to defend a Will that is being challenged.

Why use John Hodge Solicitors?

All our team members have worked in this area throughout their careers, and know just how to advise you and protect your interests.  Their advice is sympathetic yet practical and always tailored to your specific situation.

From your solicitor, you will receive:

  • A sympathetic, respectful and patient hearing
  • A friendly and helpful voice at the end of the telephone
  • The benefit of the skills you need in this complicated area of the law
  • Advice focused on your particular circumstances and based on years of experience
  • Assistance with applying for probate or letters of administration where needed
  • Practical assistance in the administration of the estate where needed
  • A willingness to take on the duties of executors or trustees if requested
  • Provides you with a single point of contact with a  legal expert and their secretary whom you can contact throughout office hours by telephone email or meeting them face to face at one of our offices whenever you wish

What will it Cost?

We will provide a detailed estimate of the fees before you incur any charges but please see the .pdf document below for details of how they will be calculated.  

Call us TODAY to arrange your initial consultation.
This won’t cost you a thing and may result in future savings as well if it helps you avoid delays or costly mistakes.