Have you made a will yet? If not, how can you be sure your estate will pass to those you care about? Have you considered rearranging your estate to ensure your executors aren’t faced with an unnecessary Inheritance Tax bill? If you have, is it up to date? Have your circumstances changed since it was made? A change in personal circumstances such as  a divorce, can render part or all of an existing will invalid.

How we can help you

At John Hodge Solicitors, our team of specialists have extensive practical experience and technical expertise in drafting quality wills. They can:

  • Advise whether you need to update your will if your circumstances have changed
  • Ensure you take advantage of any tax reliefs or allowances
  • Help you decide on your beneficiaries and what they should receive and whether it would be beneficial to incorporate a trust within your will
  • Make recommendations about your choice of executors for your estate
  • Make suggestions as to how your property should be owned
  • Advise you about a need for a power of attorney
  • Attend you at home if needed

Why use John Hodge Solicitors?

Clients come to John Hodge Solicitors for our approachability and friendly personal service, as well as for the quality of our advice and our professional integrity.

Choosing one of our Wills specialists will ensure you gain:

  • A solicitor who will be at pains to understand exactly what you intend to leave to whom, and then ensure that your wishes are  clearly set out
  • Advice on how to provide guardianship for any of your children who might need it
  • Advice on when a trust fund would be the best way to provide for any of your beneficiaries
  • A legally valid will that would be difficult, if not impossible, to contest
  • Comfort that your beneficiaries will inherit what you decide without unnecessary delays
  • Assurance that there will be no unnecessary tax amounts levied on your estate

Contact us TODAY to discuss your Will;
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