Do you want to minimise the amount of tax paid on your estate? Do you wish to provide for your children if anything should happen to you before they grow up?  Are you worried about what would happen to a disabled sibling under your care? You could leave them your assets but would they be able to claim any benefits that would otherwise be due to them?

If you want to protect your assets from taxes, make provision for a child or someone who is not competent to handle their finances, you can make arrangements for a trust with that person as a beneficiary. 

How we can help you

You need to set up the right trust, but you need an expert legal adviser to do this for you.  Our specialists have a wealth of experience and can advise you on:

  • Setting up trusts for young beneficiaries
  • Setting up appropriate trusts for anyone who is disabled
  • Making applications to change trusts that have been badly drafted
  • Preparing trust documentationto change Trustees
  • Clarifying the terms of an unclear trust document to settle disagreements
  • Acting for beneficiaries or trustees where a dispute has arisen

Why use John Hodge Solicitors?

At John Hodge Solicitors, our friendly and approachable specialists will listen carefully to what you want to achieve.  Sometimes there is just one obvious trust solution; otherwise they will discuss all your options before making recommendations.  They will always take time to answer your questions and make sure you fully understand all the implications and future possibilities and the costs involved.

They will also:

  • Be there to help if you have problems with any trust previously set up
  • Advise and help you if you are finding a trusteeship difficult or onerous
  • Assist you if you are a beneficiary in any kind of dispute with a Trustee.

Or, as someone trying to provide for the future, you can take comfort in the knowledge that, however simple or complex your estate and your wishes, the right trusts will be set up and maintained to protect those closest to you.

Think about the future; call us TODAY for expert advice on Trusts.